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Precision Farming products recommended by Quantum

Quantum only make use of the best, compact and simple to use ARAG hydraulic controllers
perfectly mounted for easy access.

In ARAG's mind Precision Farming means thinking about who in the land and for the land works. The direct contact with their customers, with their problems and their demands, allowed ARAG to develop its Precision Farming product line, created to optimize the job, the timing, the cost, and the performance. This range includes the most advanced electronic and satellite technologies available today, allowing a more accurate job, creating benefits not only to the workers but also to the environment, reducing drastically the use of chemicals. With the Precision farming we let the machines take care of everything from land mapping, to the detection of areas to be treated, to the management and control of every single part of the system. 

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   BRAVO 400 S

BRAVO 400S is the new crop spraying computer, specially designed for use in combination with the SELETRON nozzle holder.

Designed to feature the accuracy required by the SELETRON technology, Bravo 400S can now be adjusted to suit all field applications, if matched to the proper electronic control, sensors, actuators and accessories. It can be used as navigator and as computer for the management of all crop spraying machine settings.


Download ARAG Bravo 400S Catalogue

BRAVO 300S with direct connection

The BRAVO 300S is a medium-high quality product designed to meet different requirements. Available for each spraying job both with direct and CANBUS connection via remote control unit, it is perfect also for very demanding users.

SELEJET nozzle holder control commanding up to 13 water sections and 9 oil
sections, connectable with GPS navigation systems and featuring a graphic display
in several languages.

Suitable also for contract workers as it collects working data which can be later downloaded and displayed on a PC.

As the Bravo 300S sets new spraying standards it has become very popular worldwide.


Download ARAG Precision Farming Catalogue


The BRAVO 400 is the fruit of a long-term field experience and steady improvement of electronic satellite products. BRAVO 400 is a market leading computer for crop sprayers featuring special functions for big farming machines, large fields and demanding users.

Its wide and bright color display, integrated navigator and its ability to control outer cameras are only some of the outstanding features, which will surely impress even users already familiar with the electronic aspects of farming machines.


Download ARAG Precision Farming Catalogue

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